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We Celebrated 60 years and three generations of ranch ownership this past Spring (2016).


Winter Sleigh Rides at Pinto Valley Ranch

Gather and meet at Pinto Valley Ranch in our country hall until your guests have arrived.

The sleigh is pulled by a team of wonderful horses out along the scenic trails through the forest for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The sleigh holds 20 people max. This number includes adults and children.... We never want to overload the sleigh for the horses ;) feel free to bring blankets and snuggle in with your friends and loved ones.

Included in the sleigh ride is the use of the country hall for one hour afterwards where you can warm up by the wood stove with a cup of hot chocolate......More Info


Check out our "Day with a Horse section!"  This is a new program started in the spring of 2016.


English and Western lessons available with Terri Lynch-Lorint.  Level 8 Instructor

Outdoor horse boarding available - $300.00 + HST per month

Feel free to give us a call for more information at: (613) 623-3439 or email pintovalley@xplornet.com (email is sometimes the easiest way to reach us- we turn off the phone when we are with our guests)

A note from one of our horse boarder's  (Nova is a lovely appaloosa mare)

I met Tracey about 4 years ago, I came to PVR to do an hour trail ride as a 40th birthday present to myself.  I hadn't ridden in about 25 years and was excited and extremely nervous.  From the minute I met Tracey, I could tell that she was a caring, warm and thoughtful person.  Tracey has taught me so much over the years about how to read a horses body language, patience, being calm and confident around them and pushing my boundaries when she knew I could handle it (even though I didn't think I could).  I still learn every time I go to Pinto Valley Ranch, she takes the time to answer my questions and coach me in a way I understand, so I can be a better person for my mare Nova and in my life all around.

Brigitte G.
Senior Human Resources Generalist
To: Pinto Valley Ranch
Subject: Re: A day with a horse


 Hello Tracey,


I wanted to thank you for giving Briana and I a wonderful experiences with the horse last Friday. It was a wonderful day spent with the horse, you and your staff/family. Briana and I decided to make this an annual birthday tradition for her and I and eventually Ava when she is older. I hope that you keep this program going for many years :)


Briana has not stopped talking about horse, making plans to eventually get a job and buy a horse. She is making budgets, plans googling horse for sale... all I have heard from her in the last 3 days is horse this and horses that. Even watched half a dozen horse shows lol  


Again I wanted to thank you, this will be a day that Briana and I will remember forever.


I have attached some pictures of our day.


Enjoy your week